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Artist Statement

Art Is What Art Does. My pragmatic upbringing impacts my position on all aspects of artwork. The emphasis on intention takes precedence and drives my passion for curating, art making and viewing. Curiosity is the motivation. Concern for both worldly and human nature are underlining characterizations. Environment is the course of study.

Generating the best-suited means of art making that most expresses the point is in large part, the point. My masterpiece in progress is caregiving for mom. Secondary is creating a native plant sanctuary and natural eco-system around our home. Beyond that, my teaching practice has proven to be artistically inspired. Producing exhibitions is a creative outlet. Making art objects usually incorporates material found in nature, about nature.

My very active and ambitious lifestyle is from a heritage of music, dance, family, sports and outdoor events. I enjoy applied arts, and continue to reinvent my art making application.


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